Our Team & Credits

Buxton Walker

Michelle Buxton and Andrew Walker have worked in the arts for what seems like a thousand years. They work to create opportunities for artists and audiences to come together. It’s about expression, exploration, wonder and escape for us all (mainly escape).

Buxton Walker manages comedians and musicians. They also own a record label (if it wasn’t for the big dollars in jazz they would never be able to afford their opulent lifestyle) and produce events. Michelle and Andrew both have roles in a variety of community and industry groups with a view to making positive changes.

They and their core team are in the hunt for the perfect yum cha, believe you should pick up the rubbish and put on a jumper if you get cold.


Strut & Fret

Strut & Fret is a dynamic and internationally acclaimed company that produces and manages theatre, artists, events, festivals and venues – both in Australia, and around the world.

Director and founder, Scott Maidment has created countless award-winning productions including Blanc de Blanc, LIMBO, Fear and Delight, and Cantina.

In addition to co-producing The Garden of Unearthly Delights, the company also manages a list of independent artists and has delivered world-class events and festival precincts with a wide range of partners, including Spiegeltent Hobart, Spiegeltent Wollongong, Melbourne Festival, Brisbane Festival, Sydney Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, Kermezzo (o) Brussels and the Newman Outback Fusion Festival.